There are many ways the hospitality I was taught as a child has impacted my life.

When we were kids we knew company meant seniority and a game of musical chairs was about to kick in. 

chairsMy parents bed went to the adults visiting us. My mom and dad slept in Becca’s bed. Becca slept in Sara’s bed, and I ended up on a pallet on the floor. Sometimes the plan varied but that was the gist of it until Joshua came along, at which point he ended up on the floor as well.

It was a given that we would give up our room for company, yet I don’t ever recall hearing anyone complain.

It was as normal as going to church 4 to 5 times a week.

When wIMG_2746e had one particular family come to minister at our church we’d need to share the entire house.

I’m talking about the Cardenas family, of course (in case the Grace Church alumni were wondering). But I have to say, having the Cardenas family stay with us and minister at our church are some of the best memories of my entire life.

We were incredibly blessed by them. It was so much fun because we spent time together singing, laughing, worshiping, crying, and just hanging out.

My parents teaching us to love helping other people led to many life-long friendships that I will never forget. It’s all about relationships and spending quality time together.

I will always be so very grateful for the hospitality my folks taught me and for the hospitality shown to me and my family by our friends as we ministered around the country. There are so many that I cannot name them all, so I won’t try. But I’m thankful.

In my law enforcement career, I have seen so may people in their darkest hour.

This incredible upbringing has instilled great compassion in me for those in need. Whether it be a homeless man on the street or member of the church who is having a hard time, I love to help people in their time of need.

I was asked to write this article by my Mom, otherwise I wouldn’t mention things I’ve done. The only reason I mention them now is to help someone else see the value of being hospitable.

In my line of work, I couldn’t bring strangers home, so I would rent them a hotel room instead. I remember the excitement on some guys’ faces just to be able to take a bath. We are so incredibly blessed in this nation I believe we are instructed by the Lord, Himself, to pass it on.

I’ve had people tell me I was being duped because the person I was buying dinner for probably didn’t really need help. To that I say, if I inadvertently buy someone a meal who is not quite as poor as they claimed, so what!

We receive undeserved blessings from Jesus everyday!

Give with a pure heart. Show hospitality to strangers. You never know, it might just be an angel.

I’ll leave you with one story about my Dad.

He saw a hitchhiker one time, and the Lord told him to pick the guy up. This was before he had kids and when picking up hitchhikers was a common practice. The Lord further told my Dad that the guy he was picking up had a gun and was planning on robbing him.

Can you imagine having that kind of faith?

My Dad picked him up and drove off.

Dad said, he started talking fast. He wanted to get this guy saved quick. He told the man that he knew he had a gun and was planning on robbing him. He proceeded to preach to this hitchhiker and the man received Jesus into his heart.

Show hospitality even when it’s inconvenient or downright scary and the Lord will truly bless you.

You can skip my sisters, but read my little brother’s comments below. Oh, well. I guess you can read the girls’ as well.






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