marilyn blog feature writes

I’m so excited that you’re here! Really!

So, who am I, and why would you want to hear anything I have to say?

I’m Marilyn Parker. My husband’s name is Peter, so I’m Mrs. Spiderman. How cool is that? Before I became Marilyn Parker on February 9, 2013, I spent forty years being Marilyn Thompson. My first husband, Bill, went home to be with Jesus in 2009. And going waaaaay back, I was Marilyn Clapp (yes I got a lot of applause when I walked down the halls of Bonneville High School).

I’m mother of four fabulous children, six even more fabulous grandchildren, one great-granddaughter (still in the oven); stepmother to six wonderful kids, and grandma to umpteen step grandkids and step great grands.

In my short life, I’ve been a pastor’s wife, a missionary, an evangelist, a schoolteacher, a musician, a singer/songwriter, an artist, a drama coach, a public speaker, and a writer (among other things).

Whew! Now that the intro is out of the way, I’ll try to answer the question. Why would you want to hear anything I have to say?

Well, I’ve lived a long time and done a lot of things. Hopefully, I’ve learned something along the way that can help you. And most important: I’ve been a Jesus follower for well over fifty years. So let’s get started!

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