Is the Devil Messing with Your Ears?

How’s your hearing? Fine? No problems? Well, listen up. It may not be as good as you think. When I was a little girl (I don’t remember how old, probably five or six) a woman came to our house to visit my mother. Mom introduced me as her youngest daughter. The woman looked me over and said, “She looks like Hal doesn’t she.” Well, Hal is my very handsome older brother, so that should have been a compliment. But that’s not what my little ears heard. I thought she said, “She looks like h*** doesn’t she.” In case you don’t […]

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Will Your Kids Follow Your Faith?

The picture that accompanies this post made me cry when I saw it. It’s a picture of three hands: mine, my daughter Rebecca’s, and my granddaughter Tarah’s. I objected when the wedding photographer suggested it because my hand was black and blue and swollen from multiple stabs at inserting an I.V. (pun intended) by a nurse who needed some practice and thought I’d do as a guinea pig. I was on the way to the wedding when I took a detour to a Las Vegas hospital with a kidney stone and a few other painful maladies. I wasn’t at all […]

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The Mystery of the Missing Money

Every family has its funny stories. You know, the stories we tell when everyone gets together for holidays or special occasions. I’m the subject of many of my family’s stories, but my kids are under threat of having to cook their own Christmas dinner if they tell them before my funeral. It won’t matter then, since I don’t plan on showing up for the occasion. One of our favorite family stories about their dad is an eight-year-old mystery we call, The Case of the Missing Money. It comes up every so often. We give a collective sigh and wonder what […]

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It’s Not All Or Nothing!

I’ve always been one of those “all or nothing” kind of people. I lost 135 lbs. in a year with very little struggle.
How did I do that? I got on a program and stuck to it like glue.
It really wasn’t that hard, once I’d made up my mind. The struggle began after I lost the weight. That was almost seven years ago, and I’ve wrestled every day to keep it off, sometimes unsuccessfully.


Your Appointment With Death

We don’t have a random date with death. It will not come a day before or a day after it is appointed.

I can hear the question in some minds out there. Can’t you hasten your death? What about the person who doesn’t eat right, or the drug addict who abuses his body? Don’t they shorten their days? And what about the desperate person who commits suicide?


Newsflash! Election Rigged by God!

Someone emailed me the other day and asked why they weren’t getting my posts. I was sorry to tell them that I haven’t posted in over a month. Why? I’ve been moving. But I’m all settled now and back at it. This is a short one, but one you may identify with.

Anyone besides me anxious for this political season to end?

I see your hands.


Living Life with the Mentally Disturbed

I don’t like scrap-bookers! They make me feel guilty, with all their tidy albums lying on dust-free coffee tables. I have albums too! They’re still wrapped in plastic, but I have them!

Somewhere, in that huge box of loose pics waiting to be affixed to pretty pages, is a school picture of me at the age of nine. There are no bows in my hair, and I’m not wearing a special dress. Why? Because my mother was in a mental hospital.More arresting than the lack of “picture day” finery is the sadness in that little girl’s eyes. Every time I see that picture, I remember how I felt: confused, bereft, and very lonely.


Kids Cause Pain 2

You know what happens in summer, don’t you? RERUNS! Kids Cause Pain was one of the most popular articles I’ve posted, and because many of you have started following me recently, I wanted to share it with you. If you have ever cried yourself to sleep over your children, you’ll find help and comfort in this post.