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Behind Door Number One

Years ago we were living in a small two bedroom, one bathroom house. We lived in Arizona and the nights were comfortable, so our children slept on the screened-in porch.

We had two couples staying with us. One was an elderly couple, the Hiltons. Mr. Hilton was caring for his wife who suffered from severe dementia—probably Alzheimer’s. It didn’t have a name at that time. She was bed-ridden.

The other guests were newly-weds, looking for a job and a place to settle.

My husband and I slept on the hide-a-bed in the living room.

Did I mention the house had one bathroom?

Well, that bathroom was situated between the two bedrooms. There was no entrance other than going through one or the other.

Another interesting thing about this situation—for different reasons, both couples slept naked: the old couple because the woman was incontinent and often wet the pad beneath her and her husband in the process. Mr. Hilton found it easier to sleep naked than change her nightgown and his pajamas during the night.

And the other couple? Well, they were newly-weds, and don’t ask me how I know they slept naked.

After a couple of revealing late-night treks to the bathroom, my husband and I vowed not to drink anything after 5 PM.

We have such wonderful (and embarrassing) memories of the people who have stayed in our home. I hope you can create some wonderful memories also. Preferably ones that don’t involved nakedness or having to “hold it” until morning.






  1. Suzan Cartagena   •  

    I remember another naked moment in your house needing to pee. We were staying with you in thst same house. An evangelist was also staying in the house. I needed to “pee” and I walked into the bathroom- the door was not locked-indicating to me it was not in use. I walked in and my eyes instantly met the eyes of the evangelist who was soaking NAKED in the tub. It was really hard keeping my eyes on his that night when he delivered the message!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      We have some history don’t we!

  2. Connie Buckner   •  

    Hahaha, I love it!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Your mom and dad have been such a big part of my life. We have lots of wonderful stories together.

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