Will Your Kids Follow Your Faith?

The picture that accompanies this post made me cry when I saw it. It’s a picture of three hands: mine, my daughter Rebecca’s, and my granddaughter Tarah’s. I objected when the wedding photographer suggested it because my hand was black and blue and swollen from multiple stabs at inserting an I.V. (pun intended) by a nurse who needed some practice and thought I’d do as a guinea pig. I was on the way to the wedding when I took a detour to a Las Vegas hospital with a kidney stone and a few other painful maladies. I wasn’t at all […]

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Your Appointment With Death

We don’t have a random date with death. It will not come a day before or a day after it is appointed.

I can hear the question in some minds out there. Can’t you hasten your death? What about the person who doesn’t eat right, or the drug addict who abuses his body? Don’t they shorten their days? And what about the desperate person who commits suicide?


Nothing to Fear

Fear is a debilitating force in our lives. Terrorists know that. That’s why they terrorize. If the state of the world has you worried or afraid, please watch this YouTube video. This young woman is amazing. If she says a thing or two that you disagree with, please don’t turn her off. Watch it all the way through, and you’ll find the way to be safe in this dangerous world.