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 Looking for an encouraging word? A devotional? Want to know more about the Bible? Knowing the Greek and Hebrew definition of key words in a scripture help us to better understand the true meaning of the verse. Definitions in these Bible studies are taken from Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance. Enjoy!


  • Joy in Tribulation  Need patience? Don’t we all. This Bible study will help you see what the trying of your faith accomplishes in your life and how to walk in joy through the worst of times.

  • You are not Condemned  This Bible study reminds us of our position in Christ and the peace knowing that brings.

  • Love Looks Like God  Look at the love chapter I Corinthians 13 and find out what God’s true character is.

  • Jesus Keeps Me from Falling Jesus will present us faultless before His Father because He took our sins on the cross. So why do we keep accusing ourselves?




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