Creative Non-fiction

My salvation story is a little different from most. I was born and raised a Mormon. Jesus came into my heart in a little Christian church in Idaho Falls, Idaho when I was fourteen. He’s kept me for over half a century. I love to tell the story of His wonderful love.

My Personal Testimony


Why is it that most married couples do not treat their partner with the respect and dignity they proffer total strangers? Is it important to be polite to your spouse? How do manners in marriage affect the atmosphere in the home?

Manners in Marriage?


Watching my first husband pass from this life to the next was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had. It made me understand that our loved ones are not the mud shells we see. So what are they? And what happens when they die?

Watching My Husband Pass


Need a memorial or obituary for a loved one? I provide that service at a reasonable rate. Read the memorial I wrote for my late husband, Bill Thompson.



Have to give a speech? Don’t know where to begin? I provide that service at a reasonable rate. Read the speech I wrote for my daughter’s graduation from nursing school.