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Short Bible Studies  I love to dig into the original meaning of words. Years ago, I would sit at my kitchen table with my Bible and my three-inch-thick Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (emphasis on exhaustive) and thumb through the fine print for the Greek or Hebrew definition of a word that caught my attention. It’s easier now with eSword (free from Rick Meyers). Like everything, it’s just a click away. Enjoy these short Bible studies. Use them as a devotional or share them with a friend. Get to know the Author by studying the Book.

Given to Hospitality   On this page you’ll find out what the Bible has to say about inviting people into your home, entertaining tips, great recipes for feeding a crowd—and hilarious stories about our experiences hosting people in our home and being guests in other people’s homes. You don’t want to miss this!

Creative non-fiction  Here you can read my personal testimony, creative non-fiction pieces such as Kids Cause Pain  Manners in Marriage?, Watching my Husband Pass and others. You will also find samples of memorials and speeches. Contact me for your writing needs.

Guest Bloggers and Book Reviews  This is where you’ll find book reviews, guest bloggers, links to my favorite blogs, and much, much more.

My Novel  Read excerpts from my upcoming novel,  Leah, My Beloved, a poignant story of the Old Testament wife of Jacob. Leah is betrayed by her father, rejected by her husband, and scorned by her sister. But she is chosen by her God. Leah is a story for every woman who struggles to find her worth.

My Music  Download songs written and sung by me and my late husband.


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  1. Judy Campbell   •  

    This is awesome, Marilyn! I’m so proud of you!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Judy. It’s been a long time coming.

  2. Lupe Urrea   •  

    I am so excited to see howvthe Lord is going to use thru this blog. Thank you fir always being an inspiration in my life.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      You’re an inspiration to me, Lupe. Friends are friends forever. Thanks for sharing the link.

  3. Tony Pena   •  

    Just for women, I could some counsel. Need a wife, raising a little girl, she going to be eleven in June. Love you and missing the family.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Not just for women, Tony. Glad to have you here!

  4. Chris Park   •  

    Great job, Marilyn. I can’t wait to see your book on the shelves of every major bookstore in the country.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Chris!Me too.

  5. Connie   •  

    Nice blog Marilyn! Can’t for the book to come out.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Connie. I still have some work to do, so pray for me!

  6. Evelyn Carbajal   •  

    I can hardly wait to read your blog. I always loved your bible studies when you were in Clifton.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Evelyn. Click on the link. On the home page you’ll find another link that says Short Bible Studies. There are a few up there now, and I’ll be adding more as I go along. I miss you guys. Don’t forget to subscribe.

  7. Diana Clonts   •  

    Thus is so exciting Marilyn. You have always been so real and encouraging. And we get to see this from the beginning!! God bless you Friend!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Diane. Please pray for me. I love you guys.

      • Diana Clonts   •  

        You’re on my prayer lust Marilyn. This is so needed and refreshing. I just feel like I am sitting at a table with a pot of coffee with you as I read the first blog. Love you and God is blessing this!!

        • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

          Thank you, Diana. I wish I could I could sit there with you, but skip the coffee for me! Love you.

  8. Shoshannah Williams   •  

    Marilyn I’m so glad to see you doing this blog. You are such an inspirational person! I’m elated to see you using the talent God gave you to reach out to people! I hope that much success is found I your blogging and your writing in general!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you so much, Shannah!

  9. Colleen Barber   •  

    Great Job Marilyn. I love you very much and wish you success with this book.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Sis. I love you to. I appreciate your son so much. I couldn’t have done this without him. Best sister! Best nephew!

  10. Valynda Sloan   •  

    I am so thrilled that you are doing this, Marilyn! This is so inspiring and wonderful! And, to think God gave you a new life with a new husband who supports and backs you up and is part of His plan to help you to accomplish what He has given you to do! I think this is absolutely miraculous! I love this first one, already!!!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Valynda. God has been good to me. Did you look at some of the other pages? There’s several other pages up already. Check them out.

  11. Sherri Swift   •  

    Looking forward to this! Thank you for sharing your gifts!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Sherri.

  12. Debi Mckinney   •  

    Look what the Lord has done, he is going to use all your life experiences and knowledge to bless others !! I am so excited about this, look forward to reading more and will be praying for you! May the Lord continue to pour out his blessings on you and your family. Love and hugs

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you Debie. I’m so thankful. When you’ve lived as long as I have you should have some experiences that will help someone else. I hope that’s the case. So good to hear from you.

  13. Carolyn Hill   •  

    Love the site. It’s beautiful and makes me want to come back. Great job!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you Caroline. Please do.

  14. Linda B   •  

    Waiting kinda patiently for your Leah book! Thank you for all your dedicated work for Jesus, our Savior. (Hope you have included spell check : )

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you Linda.

  15. Paulyn Aneke   •  

    Just to let you know I stopped by, Marilyn. Your blog is beautiful!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Paulyn

  16. Debbie Valine Exum   •  

    Hi Marilyn.
    I’m not surprised I enjoyed your blog. When I was blessed to get a few peeks at Leah, My Beloved in our ACFW Scribes group, I knew it was a book I wanted to read. Praying that it gets published soon.
    Also loved your songs. 🙂
    Debbie Valine Exum

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you, Debbie. That means a lot to me. Keep praying for me, please. I’d like to do some critiquing together sometime.

      • Debbie Valine Exum   •  

        I will. Please, pray for me as well. Critiques-yes! Email or pm me on FB when you are ready. Oh, forgot to tell you that your favorite fiction is mine too! Love, love, love Francine Rivers. Redeeming Love is my all time favorite.

        • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

          she’s the master as far as I’m concerned. We’ll get together soon.

  17. Mitchel Estabrook   •  

    This is really interesting, You’re a very skilled blogger. I’ve joined your feed and look forward to seeking more of your great post. Also, I have shared your website in my social networks!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you so much!

  18. pork movies   •  

    XxUmAN This blog was how do you say it? Relevant!! Finally I ave found something that helped me. Thanks a lot!

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you! I want to right something that helps people.Please come back often.

  19. savannah stern   •  

    Really informative blog article.Thanks Again. Want more.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      THANK YOU! I’m very encouraged by your comments. Please come back!

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