Newsflash! Election Rigged by God!

Someone emailed me the other day and asked why they weren’t getting my posts. I was sorry to tell them that I haven’t posted in over a month. Why? I’ve been moving. But I’m all settled now and back at it. This is a short one, but one you may identify with.

Anyone besides me anxious for this political season to end?

I see your hands.


It’s been a tough one.

I’ve considered something as I’ve watched  some of the absurdities of this election cycle.

Maybe God wants us to look to Him for a change.

News flash! No matter who is elected, they will fail to fix all of our problems.


Because they don’t have the power to do it. They’re too weak.

Before you get angry, thinking I’m disparaging your candidate, consider that the same thing happened in the Bible.

Rom 8:3 For what the law could not do, in that it was weak through the flesh, God sending his own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh, and for sin, condemned sin in the flesh:

The Law of Moses was set in place to govern the people, but the law failed.


Because the law couldn’t make people do what they weren’t strong enough to do.

What if the United States passed a law that people must pick up their cars with their own hands and move them across town or go to jail? What? That’s dumb! The flesh is too weak to do that.

We could tug at that car from now on, and we might get it to budge a little, but it would be impossible for us to do what the law required.

The law would be absurd and useless if it was impossible to keep. All it would be good for would be to show us how weak we really are. Which is exactly what God intended when He gave Moses those stone tablets.

But—if some “super hero” came and moved our car for us, so we wouldn’t have to suffer the consequences, whose strength would we be relying on? Not ours—that’s for sure. We don’t have the strength to do what is right.superhero-car-lift

Of course, Jesus is our super hero, and He’s the only one that’s strong enough to fix our problems. Not Trump. Not Clinton. Not the independent candidates.

Only Jesus.

So whatever happens on November 8th, don’t fret. God’s got you covered.

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  1. Karla Feasel   •  

    Hi Marilyn, I went and voted this morning. I didn’t want to stand n a long line.
    I’ve enjoyed your blog. You say so many things I think, but can’t get the words to come out right.
    Enjoy the holidays coming up. Hope to see you in May.

    • Marilyn Thompson Parker   •     Author

      Thank you Karla. I’m so glad that you read my blog and enjoy it. It’s great to be able to share with people this way. Looking forward to see you in May.

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